According to the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, there are nearly one million unemployed military veterans in the USA. The Department of Labor reports that, for some veteran groups, unemployment is 20% higher than the national average. At the same time, Silicon Valley Bank reports that 90% of new startups will increase headcount this year, but that many of them can’t find the workers they need to do so. 


Overview by USGBC Green Veterans 

How are our veterans -- individuals who have made extraordinary sacrifice and who have received some of the most sophisticated training and leadership experience that exists in the world -- not returning home to the job security and stability for which we’ve led them to believe they’re fighting all along? And how is it that businesses are struggling to find good talent when it appears to be abundant and of the highest caliber?  The answer to these questions simply without being complex, is that there is a disconnect. Collaboration is necessary. View the overview, Why Green Veterans exist.


While it is disheartening, it would be naïve to believe that the conundrum could be fixed by simply plugging all the hiring holes with veterans. Businesses require specific talent, and veterans often want the kind of stability that many startups can't offer.  Former military-service women and men, though, note that at least part of the problem is due to employer misconception - i.e., when transitioning back into the private sector, some companies communicate that their experiences were "too military". 

The value of good people on a team is unquestioned. While it's always questionable to make a global statement about a group of individuals, it's safe to state that, generally, veterans bring leadership skills and valuable attributes to the business environment.

Green Veterans are aware of the challenges and have designed a collaborative approach that creates professional opportunities for veterans,  by engaging with community organizations and higher education institutions that provide green industry certificates and diplomas. 


Reintegration - Identify Veterans needs and provide referrals through various outreach events and strategic partner organizations.

Sustainability Training - Provide practical green education that Veterans can utilize to gain experience and confidence that will be valuable to prospective employers in the green industry. 

Veteran Service Projects - As part of the curriculum students will connect with partner organizations to collaborate on community projects utilizing their training. 

Trauma Resolution through Green Building - Trauma Resolution Building and Space Design concept is formulated to simultaneously affect the mental well being of veterans and civilians in the spaces we are enhancing.

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